Coming in from the rain

Let wet garments dry slowly at room temperature. Leather garments should not be dried at too high a temperature and never in an airing cupboard or on a radiator as this will make garments stiff and hard.

Leather garments

Leather garments must never dry out completely. Because dry leather fibres break easily under stress such as an accident, treat leather regularly with e.g. Nikwax Waterproof Wax for Leather so that it retains its natural elasticity. Use a mild soap solution or leather soap such as Nikwax  Leather Cleaner two or three times a year to ensure garments last year in, year out. Always test it first somewhere that doesn’t show e.g. inside.

Textile garments

To keep textile garments clean, wash them according to their washing instructions; we recommend the use of Nikwax Tech Wash. But don’t forget to remove the armour.
You should waterproof outer garments often, preferably every three washes. Use Nikwax TX Direct for functional clothing.

Contact us or your dealer if you have any questions about garment care.



Looking good and feeling comfortable on the road demands the right size clothes. What many forget is that a good fit is also important for safety. Because it’s essential for protectors to be positioned correctly, we make adjustments possible by attaching protection with Velcro. Also, remember to try on the garments together with the clothes you usually wear when riding your MC. And don’t be afraid to ask our personnel for help. The best way to find the right size is to visit one of our dealers. They’ll help you find the right fit when you need new equipment.
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When we make our clothes we also make them in many special sizes in order for them to fit as many body types as possible. If you don’t find a garment that fits you perfectly, why not visit our Alterations Studio. We’ll help you get your clothes to fit as perfectly as possible. We can also take care of clothes that are ripped or have suffered some other kind of damage.


Our products have borne CE markings since 1997.
The markings are there to confirm that our products have been tested and comply with requirements regarding such things as safety, function and durability. In order to constantly improve our products, we also collaborate with the police and other professional motorcyclists, as people who ride motorcycles for a living demand higher safety standards.